How does one really define success?  Is it the number of attendees? Or, the "Who's Who" of the attendees?  Maybe it is exceeding expectations of a worthy objective?
Whatever way you define success, Gator Day had to get the 'koodos' on so many levels. Our special guests were the boys and girls from Hawkeswater neighborhood and their friends/family.
Smiles were everywhere.  Gator day was designed specifically for them!
As setup was taking place on the morning of April 20th (Gator Day), a call from the U.S. Coast Guard advising the boat schedule was having to be put back into service and could not be trailered here.  Then one of the food trucks arrived and the driver couldn't get power to the inside of the truck. . . what else could go off 'script?'  It just so happened one of the Gator Gang Volunteers was an electrician and in just minutes the food truck was running and what great entrees were served from it.
An estimated 88 folks participated in the day and approximately 37 boys and girls heard one of the three presentations by the North Carolina Wildlife Commission - Law enforcement Division.  Our very own Scott Blevins reached out to the right person to arrange for the officers to be with us. Not only did the game wardens related well with the boys and girls, the adults in the back watching and listening had questions as well. The setting for the Talk Time About Alligators was the covered porch off the Clubhouse. Ceiling fans made the porch a cool venue and the 'Lowes 5 Gallon Buckets' upside down was the innovative seating for the kids. Following each presentation, the children assembled a simple 'placard' with a presentation mount to take home and put in their room. The face of the placard had an embroidered alligator, the kid's name and on the back were safety tips to remember when you encounter an alligator. Our guest presenters truly did an amazing job!
Other events around the clubhouse and parking area included: Gator Fishing (Preschoolers were able to 'catch & take home' up to 3'Gator Bites (sugar cookies in the shape of a gator the kids decorated), GatoradeCornhole tossChalk Art, Egg Carton Gator was a unique and fun activity. No one could miss out interacting with Alli the 6' mascot walking around for pictures with friends (removeable tattoos were a hit as well).
A shoutout to all the volunteers who made this event possible and successful.  And our friends from The Gator Hole, who brought pictures and additional information.
For additional information regarding alligators for your safety download Coexist With The American Alligator.
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